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You are not alone!

From a simple vision, Arthur was born:

Most of us don't understand the purpose of bonds, but somehow trillions of dollars get invested in them every year.

Bonds are the layer between cash and stock. The bond layer isn't for the dollars you speculate with; they're the ones that you want to earn a fair return on and eventually get your money back. Bonds should be the place you put your first investment dollar, the one that will help you buy your dream home, fund a future college education, or allow for retirement later in life.

We are going to revamp how individuals access bonds completely. To do so, we are building Arthur from the ground up with you, the investor, in mind. We pledge:

Transparency: Bonds are straightforward; let's get rid of the bond jargon.

Arthur is more than a new platform to purchase bonds; we want to provide unfettered access to the bond market and enable you to achieve your financial goals.

Come and join us. Let's bond together.

About Arthur

Make bonds accessible to everyone.

Before Arthur, bonds were made to seem complex and difficult to obtain. On top of that, buying and selling bonds has always been an expensive exercise with middlemen taking hefty fees.

We want to reduce both the complexities and cost of buying bonds dramatically by using technology to eliminate the middleman and give you direct access. Bonds are fairly straightforward and easy to understand - you just couldn't access the market until now.



Simplicity: Bonds should be easy to invest in and sized right for you.

Full stop.


Community: Bonds are communal in their nature. They build roads and schools and factories. Arthur is creating a community of like-minded investors.



Arthur Team

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